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We firmly believe that luck is the residue of design. We are two ludicrously good-looking siblings trying to make it big as advisors to growing small business and start-ups. We are humble. We are Prada Designers, not the fashion company. Key lime pie is objectively orgasmic. Great design is about empathy towards the consumer. Modern Flamenco dancing is a design & development consultancy that prides itself in obliterating its enemies. Frisbee should be an olympic sport. He blurted incoherently as if trying to fit a phrase into a larger poetic form, "itself in making its". Running out of thoughtful things to say. I'm making my clients happy by working on this website(as opposed to theirs, right?).

Our Services

We work with all types
of business owners

Web Development

Our sites are coded with the latest techniques
and designed with evergreen styles*.
*(Not to mention with lots of Colombian food)


Why get a designer or a developer when you can have
consultants that do both?


We build appropriate brands
that are delicious as they are thoughtful.


Done from our own studio, we
ensure your enterprise glows.


We work diligently to create websites that truly match the technical needs and overall goals of our clients.

Custom Presentations

Each presentation below involved not only designing, but crafting and compressing the messaging to a point where it could be told visually.

ScholarSort 🎓
Coachify 📣

Let's talk

If you would like me to stop by your company and listen to your story, send me a quick e-mail to daniel@pradadesigners.com and we'll start the conversation.

Scholar Sort

How do we use big data to optimize classrooms?

At Start-up Weekend Orlando EDU, our team built an idea around using educational APIs to tailor and optimize clasroom seating arrangements. This presentation, alongside our awesome team, earned us 1st place in this competition.

📥Download the file!

Note: The file size of this PPT is 7.4MB.


World Housing Solution

Showcasing technology visually

In this project I broke down the numerous benefits of this company's flagship building technology and rebuilt a visually compelling presentation based on easily digestible components.

📥 Download the file!

Note: The file size of this PPT is 31.5MB.



Making corporate wellness fun(ny)!

Corporate wellness has not won awards for being sexy as an industry, so my challenge was to design a light-hearted story that follows a real use case, and concludes with a concise summary of all the advantages this platform offers to coachees interested in personal improvement.